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Please note: our web site contact form quit working  (oh bother)  you may  e-mail us directly without the form at  - JHCUMM at AOL dot com - or try  OREGONVACATIONCABINS at GMAIL dot com -  replace the word dot with . and the word at with @ use no spaces -  please include dates wanted and number of people and questions, thanks  - John & Linda


Questions and Answers:

  • Credit card payments? Yes,    You need to tell us  that you wish to use your credit or debit card, we will then e-mail you an invoice from us, and the link to a secure web site to make payment. Its very easy, fast, secure, and there is a 3% fee. 
  • How to reserve date: Simple, just tell us in your e-mail you want to reserve what dates and how many people, and then we will e-mail back to you our rental agreement with the four steps to follow. Asking for a rental agreement means you want to reserve the date, it does not hold the date, you must follow through. 
  • Fours steps on rental agreement: These four steps are very important for us to keep our reservations straight. #1 print this e-mail, (you might want a copy for yourself too
  • #2 Complete information, your name, dates and phone numbers are critical, the rest can be done later. #3 E-mail or phone us you are sending payment, (or that you want to use your credit/debit card)  This step is the most important because we hold date for you when you tell us payment is on the way. #4 Put it in the mail, you would be surprised how many people forget to follow through.
  • When is my date reserved? When we receive payment and rental agreement, (either deposit or full amount) your date is yours. As a courtesy to you we will hold a date for a few days if you are mailing a check, and have told us that you have put it in the mail. (see next entry below)
  • How to assure you get your date: Some dates are very popular and you may want to be sure you don't miss out, you can put the deposit ($250) on a credit card then e-mail the rental agreement to secure your rerservation.
  • Cancellation policy:  Sometimes plans need to be changed and it affects everyone, including us. If you cancel with more than sixty days before your arrival date we will refund all your money less $50. If you cancel in the 30 - 60 day window you will forfeit half the rent unless we are able to re-rent your date, in which case we will refund all your money less $50. With less than 30 days notice it is unlikely we will be able to re-rent the date and you should not expect any refund. 
  • Cleaning and linens: We do not supply linens (bedding, towels, etc) We want all guests to bring their own sleeping bags and/or blankets, and lay them on top of the clean bottom sheets we supply. (we also supply pillows and pillow cases)  We expect guests to enjoy themselves, but please plan to return the house in an acceptable condition ready for next group. Our house cleaner-caretaker checks the house between groups and does final cleaning and trys to maintain a stock of cleaning supplys, etc that guests may use.  There is only a three hour window beteween our check out and check in times, many rentals have a six hour or longer windows. This allows guests more time and lower rates, and this is one reason why we ask guests to bring their own linens and help out.
  • Pots, pans, dishes, toilet paper, etc.  You can expect to find a large assortment of mismatched new and old stuff collected and accquired over years of usage, we try to maintain dishes and settings for twenty + people. Our policy is that if you think you need something that should be in the house and its not too expensive, then by all means purchase it at the local store and let us know so that we may reimburse you. However if you need something fancy, unique, or expensive that is important to your group plans, then bring it from home to make sure you have it when you need it. Bring your own TP and leave a roll for the next group, the last group should have done the same for you.
  • Where are the keys:  We keep them in a lock box by the front door, after final payment is received we mail you the code.
  • Final payment: We expect you to keep track of due date and mail payment at east 60 days prior to arrival date, please don't leave us guessing if you have changed your plans.  Thank you.
  • What dates are available? We try to keep the calendar up to date. We don't update it until we receive deposits and sometimes a date may not be open when the calendar says it is and vice versa. We have several calendars to juggle and sometimes drop the ball.  You should e-mail us to be sure.
  • What is the bedroom layout?  Sometimes people need to know how the beds and bedrooms are situated so they can plan where to put cousin Grumpy and his kids. Our basic information sheet has a detailed room by room description. Our basic info sheet is e-mailed to inquirys in our first reply. If you lose this e-mail simply e-mail and ask us to send the "basic info" again.
  • Arrival time is 3pm - departure time is 12 noon: We plan around these times, our cleaning - caretaker makes plans, and  other guests make their plans so you should not arrive early or stay late unless we have approved a time change. Many times we can accomadate time changes but we need to know ahead of time. Asking to stay late or arrive earlier than agreed is the same as taking an additional day and affects our income, however we try to oblidge when able to.
  • Why is there no response to my e-mail or voice message? Here are some possible problems. #1 Sometimes we make mistakes and need to be reminded so e-mail us  again to be sure. #2 You may have left a voice mail that we could not understand your number (this happens a lot and many people block caller ID so they are out of luck) this is a good reason to use  e-mail. #3 you entered wrong e-mail address on form, the system does not correct or provide a return e-mail address, if you enter wrong info we can't contact you, so this is a good reason why you should include your phone number. (we generaly don't call unless there is no choice) #4 lastly, many of the web sites we use are anonymizing e-mails and don't pass through to us in a timely manner or not at all.  We suggest you initiate your own e-mails and type in both our addresses if you have a problem. 
  • Contact us: some people have a spam folder that they never look in. Many many people don't know they have an e-mail filter and they are missing legitimate e-mails. So call us if you dont get a response. (our number is at the bottom of each houses rate page)
  • Attention: we have found our e-mail contact form sometimes quits working, so try the form first but if we don't respond,  write us directly at oregonvacationcabins at gmail dot com  (replace at with @ and dot with .) no spaces
  • Does it matter which web site I contact you from? Many people contact us via internet searches and find us on web sites that promote our homes. Some of these sites forward e-mail to us very fast, some take a day or so, and some not at all. Since you are reading this you must be at our only authorized (we run it) web site, www.oregonvacationcabins.com. When you e-mail us you should do it from this site by clicking contact in the upper right corner, that way we will get your e-mail fast. If you go back to a commercial site you found on a search to contact us you risk a delay or we may not get it at all.  It turns out our own site has issues from time to time too!
  • Pets - Do you allow pets? Yes at the beach, but sorry, no pets at Ravenwood. Pet owners are responsible adults and will practice "no trace pet visit evidence" so the next guest doesn't have an unpleasant unwanted surprise. Pets are not to be left alone.  Bring a kennel if your pet requires being locked up.   Our biggest complaint regarding pets, is pet hair, if your pet sheds, you should deal with it, not the next guest.   Thanks for understanding.

    Our contact form is nonfunctional (5/4/16)  Please send an e-mail to one of the e-mails below, thanks

Please note:  our web site contact form quit working   you may  e-mail us directly without the form at  - JHCUMM at AOL dot com - or try  OREGONVACATIONCABINS at GMAIL dot com -  please replace the words dot and at with . @ and use no spaces  please include dates wanted and number of people and questions, thanks  - John & Linda

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